Friday, February 13, 2009

Navigating this site

This page was designed so that anyone may have free access to downloadable MP3s and sheet music of my original songs. Each of these songs has been written as I have been influenced at different times in my life by the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are a witness to my testimony of His life and divinity. I have included the lyrics, as well as the story behind each song. I hope you enjoy the music, but more importantly, I hope you feel the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ and the hope and peace that can come only through Him.

As you click on each song title, you will be able to hear the MP3 of that song. The links on the left will direct you to download PDF files of all the sheet music.

Krista Baer is the owner of the copyright of all music on this site, including recordings. Please feel free to use any of this music for personal, family, church, or other non-commercial use. All other rights are reserved, including the creation of derivative works. All songs were written and performed by Krista Baer**

**special thanks to the incomparable Shane Warby for his vocals on "Liberty Jail"


  1. hi, now I'll see how often you check this site. I wanted to "play" one of your songs for someone at work, but it doesn't "play". Oh well. I'll bring them the cd. did you send Jan Loosli to this site?

  2. HI Krista!! How fun to have found you on here... I have thought about you often over the years as I have listened to the CD's you gave me in ABQ!! How are you and your precious family? I thought about you tonight as I learned about a contest in Provo for LDS songwriters by Jenny Phillips... You should totally enter!! Go to her website... for info on it. It's a workshop and contest together... You would be great at it.

  3. This may be a shocker, but it was good to hear that song of yours When He Comes. Brought back a lot of great memories and times in High School and with our friends and with you. Looks like you have done well and continued writing and singing. Glad to see that. Sincerely, HS SH...